"Sonia" 乾手機(西班牙)

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  • 產品編號:SW-2488
  • Electric Scheme:
    1 Thermal Switch (resistance)
    2 Thermal Fuse (resistance)
    3 Resistance 1800W 220V-50Hz
    4 Thermal switch (In Engine)
    5 Engine 220V-50Hz

    Electrical Characteristics:
    Voltage:230V AC
    Engine power:140W.
    Power Resistance:1820W.
    Total power:1960W.
    Motor RPM:2800
    Wind Speed:68km/hour
    Effective rate:250m³/Time
    Acoustic pressure:58dB(2m.)
    Air temperature:55°C(10cm.distance and 21°C ambient temperature)

    Size: H320xW225xD145mm
    Weight: 3.54kg

    Made of stainless steel AISI 304
    Internal subset: ABS and Polycarbonate

    Fixation: With screws and plugs (also included)

    Certificates & Qualifications:
    Electrical Insulation: Type I
    Approvals: TUV GS and CE
    Degree of protection: IPX 1
  • 詳細資料及型號:
    Mfr model: Sonia Futura Optical Hand Dryer 127054
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