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  • 產品編號:SW-2522
  • 品牌/產地:超過100年的美國品牌

    Closed: 893x616x98mm
    Open: 893x616x560mm

    -Fabricated of FDA-approved fungus and bacteria-resistant plastic. Intended use for infants up to 3.5 years old and up to 50lbs(23kg). Its vinyl-coated, adjustable safety strap assures child protection.

    -Unit platform is shaped to keep a child restrained from rolling out of the bed.
    -Unit is easily opened and closed by user with one hand in any location and handle cavity is provided on door face for preferred use.
    -Unit is operable with less than 5lb of force(22.2N) while not requiring any tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist.
    -Bed liner/towel dispenser presents liners or towels for user hygiene and convenience.
    -Dispenser lid is provided for sanitary protection and ease of loading of wipes or liners.
    -Safety strap is easily adjustable by user for baby size and Sure-Lock latch securely resists opening until released by opposing finger pressure by adult caretaker/parent.
    -Liners/towels are easily replenished by service personnel as required.

    Mfr model:ASI9014-41
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