"Room Care" 750ml R6 Heavy-duty toilet cleaner

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  • 產品編號:SW-2586
  • 包裝: 750ml/支,6支/箱
    Mfr model:101103665
    -Fast and thorough removal lime scale, stains and other residue
    -Extended contact time on vertical/sloped surfaces for optimum cleaning efficiency
    -Suitable for use on intact porcelain and glazed sanitary installations
    - Angled neck squeezable bottle for fast and easy application
    - Fresh fragrance for pleasant use
    -Colour and alphanumeric codes to prevent
    Use instructions:
    TASKI R6 is ready to use; apply undiluted.
    Flush the toilet bowl or urinal. Gently squeeze the R6 bottle to direct product under the rim, around the bowl and onto water/flush paths. Allow at least 5 minutes contact time, scrub with a brush or pad to remove difficult stains, then flush to rinse, (please refer to application tool)
    Do not use on stainless steel. Do not use on acid-sensitive surfaces, e.g. enamel, marble, grouting or tiles. Immediately remove any drops or splashes from acid-sensitive surfaces and rinse thoroughly with water. Do not mix with bleach or other cleaning products.
    Test material compatibility in a small, inconspicuous place before use.
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